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dafniya in July 2011 as a national company that imports medicines, equipment, medical supplies and medical training models, the company aims to provide high quality products to contribute to the advancement of health services. The company is keen to choose its agency carefully and strictly according to European and American specifications. To cover the most important needs of the health sector.

We started work in the city of Tripoli as a private activity and our activity in the field of medicines and medical equipment is a turning point in this field because of its expertise in the field of importing medicines, equipment and medical supplies, as well as the processing of hospitals and health facilities with all medical equipment and furnishing medical laboratories.

As well as the latest storage systems, handling and exclusive agencies of a number of international companies specialized in medicines and medical equipment.

We have a main office and stores in Tripoli as well as an office and sub-stores in Tripoli.

The company is the sole distributor of sandoz pharmaceutical products


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Address: Tripoli, Libya - alsabea - Alfornaj 0910009504  - 0910009505


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