Import of medical drugs :

The company works to provide and import medical medicines in accordance with the international standards recognized as the company is a special distributor in Libya for products (sandoz)

Import Medical Equipment :

Our company is working to provide medical equipment of high quality from the major companies and work on extending the Libyan market to its basic needs in the field of health and all the needs of the facilities and clinics.

Services of maintenance and installation :

We provide maintenance services on equipment with a selection of our engineers and our staff in the installation of comprehensive on-site for all products, equipment and medical supplies.

In addition to maintenance services and after-sale services. The company carries out continuous maintenance and follow-up on the site, in the interest of the company to be the pioneer in this field.

Maintenance and after sales services :

The services provided by this department include:

 Installation of medical devices for the company's customers

 Install the medical staff to use the devices in a proper way to ensure a good cost for the device.

 Preventive maintenance and follow-up of the devices according to a scientific schedule to ensure their good performance

 Rapid intervention of maintenance and activation of devices in case of failure in one of the devices.



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